Peppers Core Hot Offer

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1 EPPE = 3180000 SHU

Feature Project

EPPE Coin: Fueling the Heat of Hot Pepper
Contests with Rewarding Prizes

Max Supply:
3180000 EPPE

Coin Specification:

Coin Official name:

Peppers Core

Coin Ticker:


Coin Type:

Experimental POW + POS HYBRID



Block Time:

120 sec

Drift Time:

10 Minutes

Address Starting Letters:


Default RPC Port:


Default P2P Port:


Minimum Stake confirms:


Minimum Stake age:

2 Hours


10 Minutes

Coinbase Mining Maturity:

100 Blocks

Coinbase Wallet Send Maturity:

10 Blocks

Min Tx fee:



200000 EPPE (swap from old chain)

Coin rewards POW:

Normal reward - 0.09375 EPPE
Bonus reward - 5.0 EPPE

Coin rewards POS:

POS starts at block height - 100
Normal reward - 0.09375 EPPE
Bonus reward - 5.0 EPPE

Project Info

EPPE Coin: Fueling the Heat of Hot Pepper Contests with Rewarding Prizes

  • Introduction: For all the passionate hot pepper lovers out there, EPPE coin brings an exciting opportunity to showcase your heat tolerance and win valuable rewards. Unlike many fleeting cryptocurrencies, EPPE is a well-established coin that has been around for over a year, undergoing rigorous testing and development. With plans to debut on the first stock exchange this year, EPPE aims to grow steadily, offering a unique value proposition centered around hot pepper eating contests and trivia games.

  • The Genesis of EPPE Coin: EPPE coin was specifically designed to cater to the desires of hot pepper aficionados. Its creators sought to establish a cryptocurrency that not only held long-term value but also promoted enjoyment and a sense of thrill among its users. The coin's journey began over a year ago and has since evolved into a vibrant community with various activities and opportunities to win EPPE coins.

  • Hot Pepper Eating Contests and Trivia Games: At the heart of EPPE's appeal is its association with hot pepper eating contests and trivia games. The EPPE coin serves as a prize for winners in these engaging competitions, adding an element of excitement and reward to participants' experiences. Whether you prefer fiery challenges or mental acuity, EPPE has something for everyone.

  • EPPE Coin's Role in Prizes and Rewards: EPPE coin is not just another ephemeral cryptocurrency, it serves as a tangible reward for participants in hot pepper eating contests and trivia games. As an EPPE enthusiast, you can compete in various contests, ranging from small-scale challenges to larger events. Simply capture your daring pepper-eating feat in a photo or video and share it on platforms like YouTube or your own server. By doing so, you become eligible to receive PepperCore EPPE 2 coins directly from the EPPE team.

  • The Grand Prize and Limited Offer: To make your adventure in the world of hot pepper contests even more memorable, EPPE offers a grand prize of 30 EPPE coins for the winner of your competition. This limited-time offer adds substantial value to your event and encourages participants to aim for the top spot. However, it's important to note that the availability of these prizes is subject to the EPPE team's supply, so it's wise to take advantage of this opportunity while it lasts.

  • EPPE's Value Determination: EPPE's value is determined by the principles of supply and demand, which is common for most cryptocurrencies. As buyers and sellers meet on various platforms, including the upcoming stock exchange, the market will establish the value of EPPE. By fostering a growing community of hot pepper enthusiasts, trivia enthusiasts, and game players, EPPE strives to increase its overall value and longevity.

  • Conclusion: EPPE coin offers a unique and thrilling opportunity for hot pepper lovers to participate in contests and games while having a chance to win valuable rewards. With EPPE's imminent debut on the stock exchange, the coin's long-term growth prospects look promising. So, if you have a penchant for hot peppers and enjoy a good challenge, join the EPPE community, engage in their trivia games, and compete in hot pepper eating contests for a chance to win EPPE coins. Let EPPE spice up your adventures and bring joy to your journey in the world of cryptocurrencies.




    2/4 - 2022

  • The idea of an EPPE coin

  • Coin creation and tests

  • Discord

  • Build a wallet and a pool

  • Explorer

  • Website

    3/4 - 2022

  • Building a community of miners and pepper lovers

  • Bug fixes and updates

  • Increasing the number of mining pools

    4/4 - 2022

  • Promotions and advertising

  • Building the next wallet

  • Set new goals for the next year

  • Updates and Patches

    3/4 - 2023

  • Organize a pepper-eater competition

  • Development of the project

  • The first exchange

  • Development planning and organization of competitions

  • Updates and Patches

    4/4 - 2023

  • Second stock exchange

  • Development of the project according to the development of events